Dear Ceo´s,
We would be happy to see you on our Exchange,thank you for following our Projekt. 
Please send us all information about your coin / token.
what kind of coin / token do you have, please short descriptionIs there a link to Github or another information page?
Is your coin already listed on one or more exchanges?
And what community is behind? 
Ico Token, MLM Company or just a project?
An official website?
Bitcointalk or Bitcoingarden Link?
Who is the owner?
Starting price of your project?
What we could offer you: Listing with trading pairs: 
Coin / btc, 

Coin/ eth,  
Coin/ cecf,
Coin / Dash, 
Coin/ LTC
The fee of  COIN / BTC is the cheapest exchange right now with 0.2 BTC + each trading pair we take 0.1 BTC additional.
If another trading pair should be interesting (conestra tron,conestra verge) or something else , we would create an individual offer.
What we additionally need from you would be an emergency number. to developer team,a logo of your coin and , a test wallet with 20-30 coins to check integration if everything working.
Summary would be now with a few 0.2 btc and with 2 pairs 0.3 btcto pay to: 35iTGyTCvdLqhgc57F9UzVkpw3QeztJupT (Please only BTC) send and transaction id please here by email back, then everything goes the integration way
Normal integration time is between 3 and 30 days depending on effort and weekend we currently manage it on average in about 7 days to test whether everything works.if you have further questions or want to start with the listing, please let us know.
please let us know your feedback 
thank youwith best regards
ceo chris