How It Works

General - The basics for a new user

Welcome to our Brand new Exchange.

We would like to get you excited about the crypto market, please take a moment to sign up for free and without obligation, please also consider a 2 step authentication. This will later play an important role in the security of your coins. After you sign up, take your time and see what coins are available. Make your first deposit with a fraction of a bitcoin or a whole you can trade unlimited here, of course, you can also deposit and withdraw every coin you can trade. (The fees can be found in the list of fees or in the trading area of ??the individual coins.) For depositing and trading on the Exchange, they receive a kind of reward in the form of Multiex shares. These shares will be of great importance over the next 2 months and provide significant added value on our Multiex Multiplatform. Please note the instructions in the Agbs or in the back office. We are just started please have some indulgence if something is a bit bumpy, our team gives everything every day. If you have further questions Please scroll down to the Buttom of the Exchange and Read the FAQs, the support staff will be happy to to be available. Just send an e-mail to: [email protected]